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As forensic accountants we shed light on accounting information and practice which is obscure or in dispute. We provide robust advice and help our clients resolve contentious financial and accounting issues: in short we provide a support for financial dispute resolution.


Accounting records can be vast and financial information is filled with subjective judgements which need to comply with detailed accounting requirements. As experienced forensic accountants and accountancy expert witnesses, we can assist you with meticulous fraud investigation, the detailed analysis of the contentious financial and accounting issues and provide the expert evidence you need to resolve such disputes. Having acted in literally hundreds of cases we provide tailored reports specific to your needs. We can support for you with all aspects of disputes, litigation and arbitration


Our expert accountants been professionally involved in the aftermath of major frauds and financial scandals as well as many high profile commercial disputes. During this time, our experts have accumulated a wealth of experience in providing financial investigation, litigation support, accountant expert witness evidence and assistance with dispute resolution, litigation and international commercial arbitration.





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