Our expert forensic accountants are able to provide:

  • Investigation of discrete accounting issues and irregularities;
  • Remedial accounting including data recovery in cases of data loss or corruption;
  • Assistance with the correction and restatement of financial statements;
  • Asset tracing and recoveries;
  • pre-action review, consultation and advice;
  • advice and supporting affidavits for applications for disclosure;
  • written expert accountant reports suitable for adducing in to court or before arbitral tribunals; 
  • joint statements of matters agreed and disagreed between opposing expert accountants; 
  • oral expert evidence as required;
  • comment and guidance for mediation and other forms of ADR;
  • the preparation of accounting submissions to experts for determination as well as accepting appointment as independent determining experts;
  • accounting advice for the formulation of legal applications and claims;
  • Assessment of corruption issues under the UK’s Corruption Act and FCPA in the US;
  • accounting advice for the purpose of criminal defence.

Our experts has provided assistance in a wide range of contentious situations and dispute resolution processes including:

  • Civil and criminal litigation in the UK and overseas;
  • Arbitration under ad hoc, LCIA, ICC, SCC, SIAC, LMAA and NAI rules;
  • Expert determination and civil law binding advice procedures; and 
  • Various specialist tribunals such as the UK’s Commissioners of the Inland Revenue, Lloyd’s Salvage Arbitrations, employment tribunals and international commissions.