At Peter Daniel & Co we have the expertise, flexibility and resources to provide a wide range of Forensic Accounting and Accounting Expert Witness assistance including:


  • The preparation or reconstruction of accounting information that has been lost, corrupted or destroyed;
  • The investigation, verification and analysis of accounting records to extract and report on specific information needed to address particular issues;
  • The interpretation and application of accounting standards, practices and terminology in particular situations;
  • The expert determination of contractual accounting measures such as working capital, net assets and earn-out profits; and
  • Τhe interrogation of electronic accounting and related systems.

All our assignments are different and unique so our approach is tailored to each project. We will review the issues that you face and work with you to produce a bespoke plan to address them. We are highly flexible and experienced at dealing with a wide range of different situations. Our work will be undertaken over the timescale and to the deadlines you need. Our reporting can take whatever form you require including oral presentations, periodic updates and long form reports. Each of these will comply with your requirements and those of any relevant courts or tribunals. Many of our assignments are international cross-border issues. Our in-depth experience enables us to deal with a wide range of local accounting practices and legal jurisdictions.


We work continually with our clients' legal teams and other professional advisors such as corporate finance advisors, engineers and economists. We have a proven track record of making a fast and effective contribution within a wide range of multi-disciplinary teams. This experience ensures that we are able to convey our findings in a jargon free way to non accountants.


Whilst it is often difficult to forecast likely costs in the early phase of an engagement, we are happy to provide budget estimates for specific tasks and regular cost updates throughout the project so that you remain in control of the work done and charges incurred.